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The AGCLP was created late 2013 by leading lawyers, judges, academics and professionals from Germany and the UK specializing in the field of transnational construction law. A gap has always existed in the flow of construction law knowledge between the Common (UK) and Civil (German) Law systems, which have in turn influenced other national legal systems, such as that of Turkey. Thus the AGCLP was created to provide a working platform for debating practical construction law issues between the 2 jurisdictions in order to foster an academic and professional exchange on transnational construction law.

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2nd Annual Seminar of AGCLP on “Good faith” under Common and Civil Law

The 2nd seminar  of the Anglo-German Construction Law Platform dealing with "Good faith under German and English construction law - does reality reflect the ideal?" in Frankfurt am Main on 15 May 2015 was a complete success. The line-up of speakers was truly exceptional and included, Dr Wolfgang Breyer (Chairman of AGCLP) kicking off followed by a succinct presentation from HH Humphrey Lloyd QC (President of AGCLP) who in his proper “judge-like” manner provided all with thought-provoking questions on good faith the Seminar might answer. This was followed by an invigorating presentation by Prof. Stefan Leupertz, Germany’s “golden child” of Construction law and former Justice of the Supreme Court of Germany, giving a most interesting overview of good faith under Civil law in Germany. Prof. David Mosey, Director of Construction School, King’s College London, and “father of PPC” was quick to respond with the English development of good faith and how this has been dealt with under Common law. Dr Bastian Fuchs then provided an insightful summary of specific German Construction law cases and good faith with well-reputed “good faith” expert Shy Jackson responding in kind covering the latest of English law cases (and Australian!) mapping out where good faith stands. Last but certainly not least was Prof. Jan van Dunné who gave a very entertaining summation of good faith internationally under Civil and Common law providing the most memorable analogy “good faith is like a pretty woman, lovely on the outside but many issues on the inside”. The Seminar was well received by the audience and a lively all-in debate merely added the final cherry to the cake.

The AGCLP Seminar was held in co-operation with King’s College London and the leading international construction law journal International Construction Law Review (Informa).

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